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Hello World

After i have been thinking about it for a long time i have decided to start a blog.

Let me introduce myself and explain what to expect.

About me

I work since 2010 with the Navision / Dynamics NAV / Business Central ecosystem. I did my apprenticeship at Kumavision (where I still work) and got around there quite a bit over the years. Having actually learned classical application development I came a lot in contact with infrastructure topics and attend the development of the cloud business of Kumavision (Directions EMEA 2019 Award winner). In 2020 I took over the technical responsibilities for a customized industry solution for Professional Services. That was an extremely exciting time. I took over the solution after the transition from C/AL to AL, but it was not yet fully cloud-enabled. With my team, I implemented many new patterns and we managed to bring the industry solution into AppSource. After the solution was technically more stable and SaaSified I decided to hand over this responsibility to focus more on other things. Since 2021 I work in the 'Modules and Tools' (Its not exactly called that but i can not remember the real name tbh) Team in the product development unit.

What you can expect

I am currently mainly involved with DevOps topics and the development and implementation of standard patterns in AL. I think exactly from this area you can expect ideas and experiences from me in irregular intervals.

I have no idea where this journey will lead. Either i'll be happy to have more than 5 readers or this will just be a repository of my knowledge and opinion which i'll use to link to in code reviews to avoid having to explain the same thing over and over. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.